The Advantages of Outsourcing Your Dental Billing

As a former Dental office manager, dental assistant, and treatment plan coordinator, I learned so many things while working in the dental field. For example, I learned that each team member is codependent on each other’s cooperation and attention to detail. If one team member is not putting in their best effort, it can have a ripple effect on the entire office. This is especially true for the administrative team. My experience working as an office manager inspired me to start a remote dental billing service. I saw first hand how overwhelming it is for team members to pack their responsibilities into their day. My objective was to offer a solution to this problem. I am not alone in this as there are many remote dental billing services and more and more people looking to get out of the office to start working remotely.

The future for millennials and Gen Z are vastly different than that of previous generations and this was realized during the covid 19 pandemic. Once people learned that they don’t physically need to be onsite to be productive they decided to stay home or live out their dreams of being expats in their country of choice. This can actually be very positive for Dental Practices. Hiring multiple people a year and training them just to repeat the process again and again on top of the taxes for maintaining employees can be reduced greatly with this transition. Hiring a remote billing service can reduce the hassle and expense of employee turnover by simply offering a solution to one of the leading causes of resignation in the dental front office, stress. Below are some ways remote services can be beneficial for your practice.


Insurance is becoming more and more difficult to work with. The lack of information given online or on fax backs is becoming a problem and the availability of representatives is decreasing causing long hold times for front office staff. Having someone behind the scenes that can dedicate uninterrupted time to get the coverage details needed is helpful to the in office staff. Also, having someone keeping up with pre-determinations, appeals, and requests for additional information is helpful to front office staff as it has someone paying attention to things that often get overlooked and/or forgotten. 

Patient Billing

Billing is the necessary part of running a dental practice that most employees dread. Simply put, it can be uncomfortable asking patients for money. Also, from my experience, many new employees have no idea why there is a remaining balance and are taken aback when patients ask them to explain the reason for the balance. A remote billing service is well accustomed to finding the source of the remaining balance as they handle this routinely on multiple dental software.

Employee Morale

The objective of remote dental services is to assist your current team, not replace them. Your practice will still need a front office team for many other tasks such as keeping up with the schedule, assisting patients with checking in and checking out, presenting treatment plans, and most importantly offering patients a personable smiling face to communicate with. Our objective is to reduce the workload for your front office team to keep their faces smiling as well as the patients’. 

Patient Confidence

Patients like to have trust in the dental practice they go to. The process starts with verification. The last thing anyone wants to receive is unpleasant surprises. Remote dental billing services understand this which is why so many also provide insurance verification. Verification of benefits and proper notification of out of pocket expenses will gain your patients’ confidence that your office is looking out for their best interest. 

Reach out today to discuss in more detail how remote dental billing can enhance your practice.